We wanted to find out how reliable and accurate these customer insights are, so we did some more digging and used statistics and customer ratings from other platforms.

By: The Daily Impact

My Broadband recently posted an article about the ‘best’ ISPs in South Africa. Rankings were determined by ISP customers doing speed tests and then rating overall service satisfaction with a star rating out of five on their website.

Some 241,572 users performed the speed test and gave a rating that fed the report’s insights.

We wanted to find out how reliable and accurate these customer insights are, so we did some more digging and used statistics and customer ratings from other platforms like Hellopeter and Google reviews, which paint a different picture. 

We split the results into different categories, including the fastest ISP.

Here are the additional findings on the same list of ISPs used by My Broadband.

Satisfaction results from other review platforms

First, the My Broadband results

ISPSatisfaction Results
1. Cool Ideas86%
2. RSAWEB81%
3. Webafrica80%
4. Axxess77%
5. Afrihost77%
6. Home Connect74%
7. Supersonic72%
8. Vox71%
9. MTN71%
10. MWEB70%
11. Vodacom70%
12. HeroTel69%
13. Internet Solutions68%
14. Telkom63%
15. Rain62%
16. Cell C61%
‘Smaller’ ISP Rankings
1. Cybersmart94%
2. Wirulink90%
3. Mind The Speed89%
4. Level-788%
5. Ikeja84%
6. Metrofibre Networx80%
7. BITCO78%
8. Rocketnet78%
9. Airmobile72%
10. Jenny Internet63%
11. Letaba Networks62%
12. Accelerit57%
My Broadband best rated ISP results

Hellopeter results

It seems consumers use hellopeter mainly for complaints. Therefore, it is safe to assume that receiving positive feedback on this platform is quite tricky. Companies have done well if they have scored in the positive and have a low number of negative complaints. Also, hellopeter is turning the tables on being a platform for consumers to only vent as is evident from this article on Times Live.

In the article it reads:

As people began praising businesses, SA started seeing Hellopeter as the online review platform it is and not the complaints platform it was perceived to be

Please note that Vodacom, Telkom, MTN, Cell C and Internet Solutions are categorised under telecommunications companies and are not strictly classified as ISPs. Bitco is classified under IT not ISP. Also, the top 3 ISPs on Hellopeter don’t seem to provide fibre internet services but web hosting services.

ISPAvg. star rating / 5Trust index / 10Ranking on Hellopeter*Net promoter score
1. RocketNet4.239.7481
2. Mind The Speed4.37.6877
3. Wirulink2.877.4932
4. Home Connect3.737.41223
5. Jenny Internet3.266.714-16
6. Letaba Networks1.71NA18-64
7. Metrofibre Networx1.663.619-52
8. Cell C1.433.220-82
9. Level-73.224.92311
10. Rain1.442.626-75
11. BITCO2.593.9279
12. Accelerit1.592.127-77
13. Cool Ideas1.883.430-40
14. Vodacom1.342.331-84
15. Vox1.413.432-69
16. Supersonic1.213.134-83
17. Ikeja3.145.53534
18. Cybersmart1.662.542-60
19. RSAWEB1.712.544-63
20. Axxess1.48249-79
21. Telkom1.391.7NA-94
22. MTN1.471.7NA-89
23. Internet Solutions1.54NANA-100
24. HeroTel1.461.951-55
25. Webafrica1.31.852-90
26. MWEB1.41.753-85
27. Afrihost1.5220-74
28. AirmobileNANANANA
* This score indicates how likely it is for reviewers to recommend this business. Less than 0 = unlikely, 1 to 49 = likely and above 49 = very likely.

Google Reviews

Please note that MTN, Vodacom, Telkom and Cell C had store rankings only not not overall rankings as an ISP.

ISPNo. of reviewsAvg. Rating / 5
1. RSAWEB55084.7
2. Afrihost28 4784.6
3. Ikeja104.6
4. Rocketnet1164.4
5. Home Connect16324.3
6. Level-75094.3
7. Webafrica13 5504.2
8. Internet Solutions824.1
9. Axxess10644
10. Jenny Internet863.8
11. Letaba Networks1743.8
12. Wirulink2053.6
13. Accelerit7543.5
14. BITCO923.3
15. Vox4813.2
16. Cool Ideas7892.5
17. MWEB4932.5
18. HeroTel1952.5
19. Cybersmart2262.5
20. Metrofibre Networx5512.4
21. Rain3041.9
22. Supersonic10521.4
24. VodacomNANA
25. TelkomNANA
26. Cell CNANA
27. Mind The Speed (only 1 review)NANA
28. AirmobileNANA
Google Reviews

Fastest ISP

ISPMYBB Speed Test (Mbps)
1. RocketNet63
2. Metrofibre Networx51
3. Rain46
4. Cool Ideas44
5. Cybersmart42
6. Afrihost41
8. Webafrica38
9. Home Connect37
10. Level-737
11. Mind The Speed36
12. Axxess35
13. Supersonic34
14. Airmobile34
15. MWEB30
16. Vox29
17. Vodacom24
18. HeroTel23
19. Accelerit23
20. Cell C22
21. MTN22
22. Wirulink22
23. BITCO22
24. Internet Solutions19
25. Telkom17
26. Letaba Networks8
27. Jenny Internet7
28. Ikeja5
Fastest ISP


There are different results across different platforms. It would be best if an accredited research company did this type of research. We need accurate statistics that we can trust.

Other factors to consider when choosing an ISP

RocketNet had an article published by Hypertext on what their technical experts would look for when selecting an ISP. We have summarised this below:

Throttling and shaping:

Some ISPs throttle and shape fibre internet speed without saying they do. To ensure you receive what you expect and pay for, one should brush up on their technical knowledge of throttling, shaping, and uncapped fibre internet.

ISP rankings on independent platforms

You can read about other people’s good and bad experiences with service providers from an unbiased perspective.

Research ISP’s using these types of platforms. Those achieving the highest ratings from customers are responsive to customer complaints, have them resolved speedily and generally provide high-quality service.

Internet support and education

Choose an ISP that gives you the after-sales support you need. Do they offer a suite of services like internet diagnosis apps? These apps empower customers to run fibre internet diagnosis tests at home.

Quality of their customer call centre

What is customer support like, and is your ISP proactive in dealing with your concerns? 

Frequency of price adjustments and length of the contract

Does your ISP contract stipulate that price increases happen only once a year?

FNOs (fibre network operators) adjust pricing at different times of the year. Some ISPs pass price increases to their customers according to FNO adjustments, but others only do this once a year.

Equally important is knowing how long your contract is in effect. There is no need to sign up for 24 months when some ISPs offer month-to-month options with no price difference. 

Latency on network

How close you are to servers affects entertainment activities like gaming and streaming movies, directly impacting your internet experience. ISPs should curb this issue by using tools like Cloudflare DNS, which is lightning quick in responding to queries and provides malware protection.

International connectivity 

Which cable systems does your ISP use? 

Ideally, you want to use an ISP that connects to undersea cables on either side of the country. If one line goes down, they can break out the internet from the other cable and continue delivering services.